IOS was created for you!! It exists to provide customers worldwide with high-quality products, reasonable prices and excellent customer care. Customer satisfaction is our main goal, which we pursue through total commitment to our products’ quality standards. This is the mission we put to practice every day. With IOS as your provider, you will have access to a wide variety of colors, designs, sizes, and materials to suit every age and every need allowing it to become easy to satisfy your patients’ needs and preferences; while giving the doctor and patient that perfect smile.



            Starting off as a small group of orthodontists in 1985, a never-ending market was in the making. The demand for the manufacturing of products exceeded expectations worldwide creating an opportunity to become its own company. Indeed it did in 1996 when this creative team created their very first product; The O-Tie Elastic. Just two years later in 1998 this movement became an independent innovative U.S. Manufacturer and supplier of luxury orthodontic products, for orthodontists nationwide and globally through authorized agents naming it the International Orthodontic Services known as IOS.

            Dental specialists, governments, and dealers in the US, Europe, Middle East and around the world, trust IOS’ products solutions to improve and grow their practice. In an increasingly competitive market, accessing up-to-date products can mean the difference between keeping and losing your patients. IOS is at the forefront of this industry’s innovation. We are shaping advances in product materials, design and manufacturing technologies to provide you with the latest orthodontic solutions, materials and instruments the world has to offer.



           High-precision products create high-precision results. IOS products are meticulously designed, produced, sealed and delivered. Every IOS product is the result of a complete and consistent product protocol. From product engineering to manufacturing, testing, strict quality control, assembly and packaging, to sales reps and customer service representatives, we spare no effort or expense to ensure they perform beyond expectation in order to make treatment a pleasure for you and your patients. Our products are tested, via contemporary methods, for optimum and consistent performance. They are made in the United States with quality guaranteed (FDA and CE certified). To fulfil this purpose, IOS is pursuing steady growth to fully develop its infrastructure in line with industry developments and emerging industry technologies in order to reach new markets through global fair trade participation. IOS constantly pursues all that is new and scientific, and this allows us to anticipate product needs and trends.



           IOS believes the secret of its success is customer trust in every product carrying the IOS name. Each of our products is a trademark of trust. Each carries our passion and commitment to serving you at the highest available standards. When you see the IOS name on a product, you can be certain you are buying the finest orthodontic products available anywhere.

         A rapidly growing global enterprise, IOS is committed to remaining as personal and dedicated as any local supplier. Still run by its owners, IOS has the agility and flexibility that larger corporations don’t. We know orthodontists and dealers lead dynamic businesses with dynamic needs. The warm accommodating way we do business meets those needs.