What's New?

▪ A unique head design to accept wire engagement of sizes up to .019x.025
▪ Great success rate.
▪ No pilot-hole is needed; self-tapping & self threading screw.
▪ Easy insertion! Only Two Steps!
▪ Available in two sizes for Maxillary @ Mandibular application.
▪ Blade # 20-232 which can be used with the regular infinity handle.
▪ Extremely clear brackets without glare.
▪ Unique ceramic material for unmatched aesthetics.
▪ Rounded entry and exit of slot for lowest friction.
▪ 15 degree down draft on tie wings for safe ligation.
▪ 45% less friction compared to other's clear brackets.
▪ Prescriptions: Roth and MBT.
▪ For details, see page 28